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ASP .NET Interview Questions and Answers PDF Free Download

ASP.NET is the web developing language which is used in IT industries.
Mostly web developer uses ASP.NET language to make attractive web page. There are also so many webs developing language but student mainly select this language because it is easy to grasp.

Before making a web developer in ASP.NET candidate have to face an interview. Interview is just formal conversation between the Interviewee and Interviewer. Interviewer put some question to the candidate to check the basic knowledge regarding the subject.

Interview Question is the main problem for the candidate but we are here to help you by giving some interview question regarding ASP.NET. You can free download the PDF file on our web portal.
Some important question regarding an interview:

Q1. What is ASP.NET?

Ans. ASP.NET is a server side scripting technology that enables scripts (embedded in web pages) to be executed by an Internet server.

Q2. What is Difference between Namespace and Assembly?

Ans. Namespace is a collection of different classes. Whereas an assembly is the basic building blocks of the .net framework.

Q3. What’ is the sequence in which ASP.NET events are processed?

Ans. Following is the sequence in which the events occur:-

• Page_Init.
• Page Load.
• Control events
• Page- Unload event.

Page_init event only occurs when first time the page is started, but Page Load occurs in subsequent request of the page.

Q4. Explain “AutoPostBack”?

Ans. If we want the control to automatically post back in case of any event, we will need to check this attribute as true. Example on a Combo Box change we need to send the event immediately to the server side then set the “AutoPostBack” attribute to true.

Q5. How is .NET able to support multiple languages?

Ans. A language should comply with the Common Language Runtime standard to become a .NET language. In .NET, code is compiled to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL for short). This is called as Managed Code. This Managed code is run in .NET environment. So after compilation to this IL the language is not a barrier. A code can call or use a function written in another language.

Q.6 How can we identify that the Page is Post Back?

Ans. Page object has an "IsPostBack" property, which can be checked to know that is the page posted back.

Q7. What is smart navigation? 

Ans. The cursor position is maintained when the page gets refreshed due to the server side validation and the page gets refreshed.

Q8. What is the difference between early binding and late binding?

Ans. Calling a non-virtual method, decided at a compile time is known as early binding. Calling a virtual method (Pure Polymorphism), decided at a runtime is known as late binding.

Q9. What is Common Type System?

Ans. The common type system is a rich type system, built into the common language runtime, which supports the types and operations found in most programming languages.

Q10. How can you display all validation messages in one control?

Ans. The Validation Summary control displays all validation messages in one control.

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