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Dell Placement Papers 2014 with Answers Campus Paper Pattern Download PDF

Dell Placement Papers 2014

Aspirants who desire to carve out their career in Dell Company and seeking for Dell Placement Papers 2014 are at correct place. From the below furnished section you may get Dell Placement Papers Pattern with Answers.

Dell is a trusted and expanded information technology supplier and partner in employing 65200 employees worldwide working towards selling a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

Dell Placement Papers with Answers

Ques-1. The Head Quarters of the International Cricket Council is in:
  1. Britain
  2. Australia
  3. Dubai
  4. Kuwait
Ans. 3

Ques-2. Which food crop has the maximum content of proteins?
  1. Maize
  2. Wheat
  3. Soyabean
  4. Groundnut
Ans. 3

Ques-3. Name the Mohanlal movie which is based on the Independence struggle
  1. Keerthichakra
  2. Kalapani
  3. 1921
  4. Lal Salam
Ans. 2

Ques-4. Those who do not work may not eat ' Who said this?
  1. Hitler
  2. Lenin
  3. Stalin
  4. Bismark
Ans. 3

Ques-5. Carbohydrates consist of:
  1. Carbon and Hydrogen
  2. Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
  3. Carbon and Oxygen
  4. Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen
Ans. 2

Ques-6. 'HMS Beegil' is a word associated with Charles Darwin. What is it?
  1. A scientist
  2. A monkey
  3. A ship
  4. A tree
Ans. 3

Ques-7. The use of Galvanometer
  1. To measure the intensity of sound
  2. To measure the depth of water
  3. To measure the electric currents
  4. To measure the speed of a vehicle
Ans. 3

Ques-8. Persons sitting in an artificial satellite of the earth have:
  1. Half weight
  2. 60 % weight
  3. 75% weight
  4. Zero weight
Ans. 4

Ques-9. The instrument used to convert AC current to DC current:
  1. Electric motor
  2. Rectifier
  3. Microphone
  4. Dynamo
Ans. 2

Ques-10. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar?
  1. Satyajith Ray
  2. A.R. Rahman
  3. Inder Thakur
  4. Bhanu Athalya
Ans. 4

Ques-11.The price of sugar increases by 20%, by what % should a housewife reduce the consumption of sugar so that expenditure on sugar can be same as before ?
  1. 15%
  2. 16.66%
  3. 12%
  4. 9%
Ans -2

Ques-12. A man spends half of his salary on household expenses, 1/4th for rent, 1/5th for travel expenses; the man deposits the rest in a bank. If his monthly deposits in the bank amount 50, what is his monthly salary?
  1. Rs.500
  2. Rs.1500
  3. Rs.1000
  4. Rs. 900
Ans- 3

Ques-13.15 men take 21 days of 8 hrs. each to do a piece of work. How many days of 6 hrs. Each would it take for 21 women if 3 women do as much work as 2 men?
  1. 30
  2. 20
  3. 19
  4. 29
Ans. -1

Ques-14.A cylinder is 6 cms in diameter and 6 cms in height. If spheres of the same size are made from the material obtained, what is the diameter of each sphere?
  1. 5 cms
  2. 2 cms
  3. 3 cms
  4. 4 cms
Ans -3

Ques-15.What is the smallest number by which 2880 must be divided in order to make it into a perfect square?
  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 6
Ans. -3

Ques-16.A father is 30 years older than his son however he will be only thrice as old as the son after 5 years what is father's present age ?
  1. 40 yrs
  2. 30 yrs
  3. 50 yrs
  4. none of these
Ans. -1

Ques-17.An article sold at a profit of 20% if both the cost price and selling price would be Rs.20/- the profit would be 10% more. What is the cost price of that article?

If an item costs Rs.3 in '99 and Rs.203 in '00.What is the % increase in price?
  1. 200/3 %
  2. 200/6 %
  3. 100%
  4. none of these
Ans. 1

Ques-18.5 men or 8 women do equal amount of work in a day. a job requires 3 men and 5 women to finish the job in 10 days how many woman are required to finish the job in 14 days.
  1. 10
  2. 7
  3. 6
  4. 12
Ans- 2

Ques-19.A simple interest amount of RS 5000 for six month is RS 200. what is the annual rate of interest?
  1. 10%
  2. 6%
  3. 8%
  4. 9%
Ans- 3

Ques-20.In objective tests a correct ans score 4 marks and on a wrong ans 2 marks are ---. a student score 480 marks from 150 question. How many ans were correct?
  1. 120
  2. 130
  3. 110
  4. 150

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