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Nausena Bharti Syllabus, nausena-bharti.nic.in Model Papers Download 2012

Nausena Bharti Syllabus & Model Paper - Senior Secondary Recruit (SSC) has announced a notification for SSR Nau sainik admission 2012. All aspirants who fulfill complete eligibility criteria may apply at www.nausena-bharti.nic.in, if application format would not be matched same application would be rejected. The Syllabus and the Model Test paper is provided here to help the candidates for their preparation and giving them a idea of examination paper will come.
Nausena Bharti Syllabus & Model Paper - Details

Nausena Bharti Syllabus -
The candidates have to face the written test for being chosen by the Senior Secondary Recruit Nau-Sena Bharti and making their Career in Navy. The candidates must know the syllabus of Written Exam to prepare themselves for performing well. The question will includes the following topics:
Science, Mathematics, English and General Awareness. The candidates can see the Selection Process in Competitive Exams by going to link Selection Procedure 2012. The candidate can see the image below for full Subject wise Syllabus in brief. Click on Image to maximize.
The candidates can check the whole Syllabus from the above image or Go through the link official website for the Detailed Syllabus. - SSB Nausena Bharti Syllabus

The candidates want to see the whole Recruitment notification of SSB Nau Sena Bharti must go through the link of Nausena Application Form or Indian Navy Recruitment.

Nausena Bharti Model Paper - The candidates can check the following Model Paper for getting an idea of questions can come in the Nausena Bharti Examination 2012. The Exam will be in both language in Hindi as well as in English also and the Time Duration will be given to the candidates will be only one hour. The candidates need some tips must go through the Link Preparation Tips 2012.

1. The ultimate limit of resolution of an optical microscope is set by:
a) aberrations
b) length of microscope tube
c) design of objective lens
d) diffraction of ligth
2. 8 g of oxygen and 7 g of nitrogen are mixed in a container. What is a value of 'n' in the expression PV = nRT of this mixture?
a) 1/4
b) 1/2
c) 2
d) 15
3. In a standing wave, the different particles vibrate with:
a) same amplitude
b) random amplitude
c) variable amplitude independent of their location
d) amplitude that depends on the location of the particle
4. What is the number of neutrons in 7g of 6C14 ?
a) 8 x 6.02 x 1023
b) 7 x 6.02 x 1023
c) x 6.02 x 1023
d) 4 x 6.02 x 1023
5. The internal resistance of a dry cell is:
a) equal to that of electrolytic cell
b) smaller than that of electrolytic cell
c) higher than that of electrolytic cell
d) zero

MATHEMATICS - The candidates need more Tips to develop their Numeric Aptitude and Maths Answering can click on Maths Questions Paper.
1. For a positive integer n, define d(n) = the number of positive divisors of n. What is the value of d(d(d(12))) ?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) None of the above
2. Consider the following numbers:
i.  247
ii. 203
Which of the above numbers is/are prime ?
a) i only
b) ii only
c) Both i and ii
d) Neither i nor ii
3. If tan A = (1 - cos B)/sin B, then what is (2tan A)/(1-tan2 A) equal to ?
a) (tan B)/2
b) 2tan B
c) tan B
d) 4 tan B

ENGLISH - The aspirants want the more tips and preparatory paper of English Subject then must go through the link English Preparation Tips.
1. Doleful
a) Sobre
b) Depressed
c) Dreary
d) Mournful
2. Initiate
a) Begin
b) Enlighten
c) Guide
d) Lead
3. Diminish
a) Enkindle
b) Increase
c) Produce
d) Arouse
4. Hampered
a) Facilitated
b) Prompted
c) Relieved
d) Instigated

1. Contact lenses are made from
a) polyvinyl chloride
b) polystyrene
c) Lucite
d) Teflon
2. In August 2012, a container ship had collided with another ship in the Arabian Sea near Mumbai. Which one of the following was the consequences of that ?
a) The container ship was not damaged
b) the container ship sank and the entire oil of the ship spoiled in the sea causing great damage to aquatic lives.
c) The container ship was tilted, some boxes fell into the sea, some moderate scale of oil spills took place and subsequently the ship was made upright.
d) The container ship was tilted and subsequently made upright.
3. Eco-Mark is given to an Indian product which is
a) rich in protein
b) environment-friendly
c) economically viable
d) pure and unadulterated

The candidates can also see more questions on General Awareness by going through the link General Knowledge Preparation Tips 2012.

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