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English Preparation for Competitive Exams

 English Preparation for Competitive ExamsWelcome here in this section you can check out your English skills to appear for any competition test. Here we are providing you 10 English competition questions with their answers which are seem to have maximum probability in reasoning exam.

So go through these 10 questions and increase your chance to clear the exam.

1.  Why did the people from the country, including the farmer and the solider gather around the spot where the stone lay?

(A) They were hoping to discover a gold mine.
(B) They were told that the king was waiting for them at the very spot.
(C) They were hoping to discover some more gold for themselves.
(D)  They wanted to make sure that the stone was really removed.

2.  Which of the following adjectives given below would best describe the king?

(A) Evil     
(B) Industrious
(C) Lazy    
(D) Careless

3.  Why did the king hide behind the bush?

(A) He wanted to see how his people would react to the stone.
(B) He was spying on the young soldier.
(C) He was not getting sleep.
(D) He wanted to guard the palace.

4.  Out of the four choices given, choose the one that is the nearest in meaning to the idiom/phrase printed in bold. The poor boy found it difficult to make up his deficiency in English.

(A) Recover (B) correct (Cc) remove (D) improve

5. Choose the correctly spelt word in each of the sets given below:

(A) Consummation (B) Consummetion (C) Consumation (D) Consumetion

6. Why did the miller's daughter decide to move the stone?

(A) She wanted the gold that lay beneath the stone.
(B) She was afraid that someone would get hurt.
(C) She knew that the king was watching her from behind the bush.
(D) The girl loved challenges and wanted to show her strength to the king.

7. My parents came…..

(A) To town with       (B) the intention in visiting
(C) the University.    (D) No error

8. I must start ___ dawn to reach the station on time.

(A) during           
(B) doing
(C) in
(D) before

9. As it was getting late, I was ___ troubled focusing on the birds in the disappearing light.

(A) feeling           
(B) having
(C) experience              
(D) being

10. Which of the following statements is true of the king according to the passage?

(A) He often did useless thing like placing stone on the road to irritate his people.
(B) He tried his best to teach his people to be industrious.
(C) He was responsible for placing the box of gold beneath the stone.

(A) Only (A)
(B) Only (C)
(C) Only (B) and (C)
(D) Only (B)

You can check the answers below of all above mentioned questions -


1(C), 2(B), 3(A)
4(D), 5(A), 6(B)
7(C), 8(D), 9(B)

Score Comparison Table

Your Score
You Need improvement, brush up your concepts again.
You are a Average sorer, but you can do well, keep trying
Very good, keep it up
Excellent work.

Sarkari Naukri

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